THE parents of a little boy with cerebral palsy have completed a gruelling physical challenge in order to improve the life of their son.

Five-year-old Harrison Dilling, from Glenmoor Road, Ferndown, is quadriplegic and completely wheelchair-bound.

His mum and dad Jo and Jon have set up Harrison’s Trust Fund to pay for his treatment and equipment and are now desperately saving for a wheelchair adapted vehicle.

Both keen athletes, the pair took part in the Tough Mudder London West in a bid to raise £5,000 for the vehicle’s deposit.

The race, a 12-mile endurance test, includes swamps, electric shocks, walls to scale and chest-high ice cold water, but Jon and Jo were determined to set themselves a real challenge for Harrison.

Jon said: “Quite frankly and with having now completed it, to call it ‘tough’ is an absolute understatement, but we wanted to do something which was as equally challenging and testing for us, as every day clearly is for Harrison.

“It hurt, a lot, but was loads of fun and we are now both in the possession of the prized orange ‘Tough Mudder’ headband to prove it.

“But more importantly it was so worth it.”

The couple have raised more than £1,500 so far, taking the fundraising total to around £2,500.

To donate to Harrison’s Trust Fund, visit uk/donate.php or email info@

To find out more about Harrison and the Trust Fund, visit trustfund