YEAR 2 teacher Jonathan Charman has been at the school for 21 years. He said: “It has always been a lovely school and we have beautiful grounds. There is always a good buzz and a good feeling in the school. The children come first.”

HELEN Shaw, a Reception teacher, said: “It is a very friendly school and I have always found it very homely. We all mix well and work together. There is good teamwork and the children are lovely to work with.”

PARENT Georgia Roberts said: “Everything about the school is good. The staff are all really approachable, friendly and professional. My daughter is in Reception and she is thriving. Her confidence has grown and her social skills have improved greatly.”

RACHEL Priest, a parent, said: “It is a lovely school which has always been very friendly and welcoming. Any problems we have had have been dealt with effectively. I was a parent helper and now I work here.”

YEAR 4 student Jessica Annis, eight, said: “It is fun here and we are doing a topic about the Egyptians at the moment. My favourite subject is maths and we are looking forward to a trip to the Science Museum.”

JOSHUA Bundock, nine, is in Year 4. He said: “It is fun because all the teachers are really enthusiastic. All the school trips are good fun. Last year we went on a residential trip for two nights which was great.”