A VERY special award has been presented to an “inspirational” lady by the Mayor of Poole.

At a ceremony held in the Mayor’s Parlour, Cllr Phil Eades handed over the top Poole Gold Community Champion award to Margaret Bailey.

At the age of 93, Mrs Bailey runs the Autumn Club, held weekly at St George’s Church hall at Oakdale, for those aged 50 plus, and has promised to wear her gold dolphin with pride.

“She’s an inspiration to all older people in the borough,” said the Mayor. “She works tirelessly for members of her club and she contributes a great deal to their well being in Oakdale.”

He and Mayoress, wife Helen, were on hand to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the club last November and cut the birthday cake.

“If any of the ladies don’t turn up she drives round to their house and makes sure they are alright,” he said. “She’s fantastic.”

Mrs Bailey, who drives from her Merley home to Oakdale, and has just received her driving licence for another three years, has run the club for 14 years after taking over from her friend Joan Heinzman.

It now has 22 members who enjoy speakers, outings, cream teas and lunches, organised by herself and committee members Ellen Hill, Gwen Honour and Joan Copp.

They accompanied her to the Civic Centre after she insisted they share the glory. “I have got a very good committee,” she said.

“I am absolutely amazed,” she said of her award. “I didn’t realise they were going to do this.”

With no plans to “retire”, she added: “I want to go on as long as I can.”