THE INQUESTS of a murder victim and the man believed to have killed him will take place on the same day.

Hearings about the manner of the deaths of Ibrahim Yousef, who died at his home in Gloucester Road, Boscombe, and Valerijs Grigorjevs, killed hours later in a head-on road traffic collision, will be held on June 25 in Bournemouth.

Police believe suspect Grigorjevs, of Heathcote Road in Boscombe, stabbed the popular businessman to death before driving into the path of a lorry in Wiltshire at 6.15am on Friday, October 11.

Officers investigating the 27-year-old’s death in the collision traced the licence plate of the Toyota Yaris he was driving back to Mr Yousef, who owned the car.

When they visited the property at lunchtime on the same day, they discovered him dead in his home.

He had suffered massive head trauma and had two stab wounds.

Two knives, believed to be the murder weapons, were recovered by officers at the scene.

Mr Yousef, who was 42, owned the Five Star Car Wash in Boscombe.

He is originally from Qarsalme in Iraq, but had been in the UK since around 2000.

No one else is being sought by police in connection with the incident, and police confirmed that the men were known to each other.

A spokesperson from the coroners’ court, in Stafford Road, Bournemouth, said: “A date of June 25 has been set for both inquests.

“The first will begin at 10am, and the second is expected to start at 11am.”