ELEVEN-year-old Carla Drane, who is in year six, said she loved the school.

“The teachers are friendly and make it fun. It is like a big family.”

YEAR 4 pupil Lewis Richards, aged 8, said: “I like school and the teachers are really good.

“I particularly like playtimes and going swimming.”

PARENT Carla Finlay, whose son in in year 3, said: “I really love the school. My little boy came up here in September. He was one of the first year 3s to be part of the school. I was quite apprehensive because they are so little but he’s blossomed since he’s been here.”

MOTHER of four Jodie England said she had seen the school improve in recent years.

She said: “The staff are really approachable if you have any problems.

“My youngest came to the school five years ago and it has greatly improved since then.”

ANITA Brown, pastoral care worker, said the school had a very caring ethos.

She said: “I’m here more for the emotional support of the children so that any child can come and talk to me if they have a problem. The school has got such a friendly ethos. I love working with the children here, they are great.”

YEAR 5 teacher Louise Drage said pupils are very caring and eager to learn. She said: “Everyone is very friendly and supportive and the community is very supportive as well.”