A SUPPORT group for parents of gay children is looking to hear from a male couple with experience of becoming parents.

Colette Hill, founder of the Dorset support group Ricochet, said: “Last summer we were lucky enough to hear from a lesbian couple who have three children.

“They were very generous and frank in answering all of our questions. We would particularly like to hear from a male couple whose challenges will of course be very different.

“Maybe they have adopted or fostered or gone for surrogacy.”

The support group meets in Hamworthy on the first Saturday of the month.

Its next meeting is on Saturday.

Parents from across the county attend to share concerns over tea and coffee with people in the same situation.

Topics covered include how to tell friends and family, how others may react to the news and gay boys’ and girls’ chances of becoming parents themselves.

Anyone wanting to attend should email ricochet.enquiry @gmail.com or call 07803 309781.