PARENT and governor Jane Chapman has children in Reception and Year 1. She said: “I really can’t fault the school. I couldn’t ask for a better start for my children.

“They’re really enthusiastic about coming to school – it is very friendly and welcoming.”

GILLIAN Calvey has children in Years 4 and 6. She said: “I’ve enjoyed sending my kids here and they’ve done really well. My son has just got into the grammar school and staff here gave up their spare time to support him which shows how much they care.”

KACEY Carr, 11, is in Year 6. She said: “I like how the teachers support us if we are stuck. “They give us advice and we listen to it and it improves our work. I do art club after school which I enjoy because it’s with my favourite teacher.”

TEN-YEAR-OLD Ruby Inman is in Year 6. She said: “All the teachers are jolly and happy to help us with anything we ask them. I like science and the experiments we do are very hands-on. I am going to St Edward’s in September.”

SHARON Spencer deals with human resources, reception, admin and first aid. She said: “It’s a really lovely school and that’s why there’s not a lot of staff movement. Everyone is very supportive and the children enjoy lots of trips and after-school clubs.”

TEACHING assistant Caroline Cal-vert runs breakfast and after school clubs and is a governor. She said: “We try to do a lot of different things to make learning hands-on and practical and we have lovely, spacious grounds.”