STOCK is urgently needed at two Purbeck charity shops which are working to help fund cancer care across the region.

Residents are being urged to think carefully the next time they’re poised to throw something away, and instead consider donating it to the Sue Ryder shops in Swanage and Wareham.

Sharon Wiley, of Sue Ryder, is spearheading a local ‘wanted’ campaign for the two shops until the end of April.

She explained: “Often people choose to throw away items rather than donate as they feel no one will want them.

“But that long-forgotten pair of shoes lying in the bottom of your wardrobe could help to pay for food for a day for one of our patients, providing them with the nutrients they need to stay well for as long as possible.”

There are concerns at Sue Ryder that people are finding it harder to donate money, especially during these uncertain economic times and following the long, wet winter.

This is why they’re urging people to have a clear-out and donate any clothes, any quality, and paperback books, shoes and handbags.

Sharon said: “At Sue Ryder we care about the environment as well as caring for people and we stop the tons of clothing going towards landfill every year.

“We really do want all your unwanted items.”

Sue Ryder staff say they reuse, recycle and resell more than 15,000 tons of donations a year, that could otherwise end up in landfill.

To donate to the Sue Ryder charity shops in Swanage or Wareham, just pop in for some bags or drop items off between 9am and 5pm. Email sharon.wiley@sueryder for information.