A tree crashed down onto a Smart car in Southbourne overnight.

Residents awoke to the sight of the tree on top of the smashed car in Carlyle Road at the junction of Collingbourne Avenue this morning.

Owner of the car, Yasmin Fernandez said the drama happened around 5am.

“We heard a large bang and thought it was thunder or something like that. We looked out of the window and saw the tree covering the car. It was unbelievable.”

Yasmin, 24, added: “It's pretty devastating as I have only had the car less than a year and although it wasn't brand new, it was not that old. It's obviously a write off.

“But at least I wasn't it the car at the time. No-one was hurt and that's the main thing.”

Yasmin said she thought the tree, an oak, was up to 200 years old.

“It's amazing that it survived that incredible storm a few weeks ago and then it comes down in good weather on a calm night.”

The tree had been situated in the garden of a property across the road.

Ironically, Yasmin, who lives with her fiancé Jimmy, works as a customer services adviser for an insurance company - household though, not motor.