TRADERS in Westbourne have signed up to a campaign to encourage residents to use their local shops as opposed to the big supermarkets.

Named Totally Locally, the initiative aims to promote the value of local shopping and its benefits to the town’s economy. There will be a launch event on Saturday, April 19 which will be an Easter egg hunt using trail maps.

It also highlights the message that just £5 a week in local independent shops and bus-inesses would bring an extra £4.4million into the town’s economy every year.

Elaine Sullman, owner of Cook on Poole Road, said: “The Westbourne Traders Association are passionate about supporting each other and the affection that locals have for Westbourne.

“It’s a truly wonderful place to be and a great place to mooch and find places that are remarkably individual and completely different to shopping in the main town centres.”

She went on to say that there is a bit of a buzz about the place at the moment, as residents are taking an interest in what’s happening with the campaign and want to be part of it.

“I guess we want to find a way to celebrate all the good things happening and to help put Westbourne in the front of people’s minds, while making it an even greater place to come and visit.

“There are so many good people in Westbourne, who really care about their town, are proud of its heritage, and want to play a part in its bright future.

“I am just one of them, and to me, it’s Bournemouth’s hidden gem.”

To find out more information about the campaign, go into one of Westbourne’s independent stores including Badger & Bumble, The Fair Trader or Beach and Body.

Alternatively, search on Facebook and Twitter for Totally Locally Westbourne.