THE Society of Poole Men is celebrating the approach to its 90th year by admitting women to its ranks.

Founded in 1924, it was responsible for saving and restoring Scaplen’s Court, arranges ancient ceremonies such as beating the land and sea bounds and supports local charities.

“The society has made a change to bring itself into the 21st century and recognise equality,” said president Ian Andrews.

“It represents all residents in the borough wherever they live and is the only non-religious, non-political body to do this, liaising as we do with other organisations like residents organisations.”

However, while women are welcome to join – and application forms are available at the Central Library – the name of the society will not change.

“It was decided to keep the traditional name because we don’t wish to throw away the number of things we have done in the past,” he said.

And the society, which starts its 90th year with its AGM on St George’s Day, April 23, has big plans for the future.