AN application for an extended alcohol and music licence for a football club which plays home games on a school field, is being strongly opposed.

Poole Town Football Club currently holds a premises licence which allows alcohol to be sold for two hours before and two hours after a match at the Tatnam Ground off Stanley Green Road.

Now it is applying for a licence to supply alcohol from a new clubroom from 10am to 11pm seven days a week, along with playing recorded music.

In a letter of objection, David Mann, chairman of governors of Oakdale Junior School said the selling of alcohol would have: “Severe adverse impacts on children using the field.

“This will be a severe safeguarding issue for us if approved.

“We do not wish the children to see drunken behaviour or hear ‘adult’ language.

“This is not the example of adult behaviour that we wish to present to them as a model in their formative years.”

The application, due to go before Borough of Poole’s licensing sub-committee today at 6.30pm, has attracted a further seven letters of objection from nearby residents.

Drunken behaviour, litter, noise and parking congestion were among issues raised by residents, who said they could not understand why the club needed the sale of alcohol, on land bordering a school, seven days a week.

Rob and Sandra Vincent of Well Lane said the current arrangement of two hours either side of a match was, “Quite acceptable to the local residents and should be quite sufficient for the club’s needs.”

In the application, vice-chairman Chris Reeves for the club said it had “zero tolerance of any unacceptable behaviour”, was “concerned to be good neighbours” and would “keep the wellbeing and protection of children to the forefront of our concerns”.