Things you know if your job is based in the middle of Bournemouth

Bournemouth Echo: Glorious sunset over Poole Bay after another wet day.

1. You know there's no such thing as "popping to Poole for a meeting".

Take the scenic route or join the queue at County Gates - either way it'll take you  AT LEAST an hour to get there and back.

Bournemouth Echo: PE teachers should tell pupils to wear sun cream on hot days, a charity said

2. You always wear suncream on the beach

Because you've stood behind too many lobster-red teenagers in the queue at Shakeaway

Bournemouth Echo:

3. You'd never walk through town in your swimwear

Queuing for toothpaste in a bikini is never a good look. This isn't LA.

Bournemouth Echo:

4. If your boss offered you a pay rise or a permanent parking space in the town centre, you'd probably take the parking space.

Bournemouth Echo:

5. If you end up working on a Bank Holiday, you don't bother trying to drive home until after dark. 

Bournemouth Echo:

6. You know that if the Spur Road is closed, it's not actually quicker to go down Matchams Lane. But you do it anyway, because at least you're moving. Until you get to the junction, anyway.

Bournemouth Echo:

7. After five years of the Air Festival, you can tell a Vulcan from a Hunter just by listening.

You still stick your head out of the window for the Red Arrows though. 

Bournemouth Echo:

8. You were bitterly disappointed when Borders closed.

But you still go to Tesco for lunch at least once a week.

Bournemouth Echo:

9. You'll end up with at least three bruises if you attempt to walk down Richmond Hill when it's icy

Bournemouth Echo:

10. If you go out for a lunch break in the summer, you'll be asked how to get to the beach/tourism information centre/train station at least once.

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