PARENT Simon Maskrey has two children in Years 3 and 5. He said: “Our children are really happy here which is the most important thing. The school does a very good job in keeping children happy and safe and they do very well here.”

LAURA Davis has one child in Reception. She said: “I can't speak highly enough of this school. From day one everyone was super-friendly and really helpful. There is always someone available to answer any questions. I help in class which gives me a really good insight into the school.”

TEACHING Assistant Isobel Dizey said: “I have three children who all came to this school and I have been here since 1999. It is so rewarding to see the progress the children make on a weekly basis. The new facilities have created a better learning environment for the children.”

YEAR 5 teacher Ruth Mullan said: “It is a lovely place to work and is a really friendly and happy school. The staff are a really good team and work well together and help each other. The children are very interesting.”

LIAM Giacometti, 10, is in Year 6. He said: “I have been here for just over three years and I like the topics most of all. We go on a lot of trips and I am looking forward to going away with the school for four days in June.”

YEAR 2 pupil Ella Swallow, seven, said: “I like writing stories in literacy and I like doing really hard times tables. We do some lovely things and I have been to the museum, to the beach and to Marwell Zoo.”