BOVINGTON nursery will be closed until after the Easter holidays after it was struck by lightning.

The nursery on Cox Close, Bovington, was hit at 9.10am yesterday morning.

No-one was injured, but due to the damage caused, the nursery will now be closed for the next two days ahead of the Easter break and will be open on Tuesday April 22.

Manager Emily Taylor said: “It was raining and suddenly there was a loud bang and a flash.”

As the nursery is right next to the tank museum staff initially thought it might have been a tank firing as it was so loud. Some of the children thought it was fireworks.

Mrs Taylor said she went to investigate and found the back half of the building had no electricity.

She said: “The electrical box had blown open and there was debris on the floor and a couple of holes in the ceiling tiles.” Staff cordoned off the area, which is by the toilets.

Workmen and Dorset Fire and Rescue Service were called to check the situation.

The roof of the building is metal and it is believed this may have conducted the lightening.

Staff contacted parents to collect their children and the nursery was closed.

Mrs Taylor said: “The staff did a great job. They did what they were told and called parents and kept the children safe.”

She also paid tribute to the Debut workmen and two fire crews from Bere Regis and Wareham.