A well known vet took his own life at a secluded New Forest beauty spot.

John Lafferty was found dead by members of the public in a wooded area in the New Forest last December.

The 61-year-old's car was found nearby at the Broomy Enclosure where he had left a note addressed to his wife, an inquest heard.

It told of his love for his family and made it clear what he intended to do.

Mr Lafferty, of Stony Lane, Christchurch, who worked at the Magnolia House Veterinary Clinic in Christchurch for 34 years, died from blood loss from cuts to his wrists.

The inquest heard Mr Lafferty had longstanding health problems.

Mr Lafferty had in the past said he refused to go on living in this way, the inquest heard.

Southampton coroner Keith Wiseman said: “His medical history was really horrifically difficult for someone of his age - he must have worked through many years of ill health.

“He clearly felt it was too much to keep up.”

He recorded a determination that Mr Lafferty took his own life.

At the time of his death, his widow said he had “bravely borne” his long illness and was a loving husband, devoted father to Andrew, Mark, Rory and Becky and a doting grandfather to Flick.

She added: "He will be sadly missed by his friends, staff and clients. His wishes were that his practice should continue, as always, with the love and dedication that he showed to all of the animals under his care for the last 34 years".