A SEVEN-year-old from South-bourne asked for donations to charity for her birthday on Sat-urday, instead of toys and sweets.

Little Alexandra Hamilton, known to friends as Ola, woke to piles of cards filled with coins and cash and not a single wrapped gift from her family and friends.

But that’s exactly how she wanted it, as Alexandra says that she has been to visit people who are not very well in hospital before and wanted to raise money to help Macmillan Caring Locally.

The charity, based in the Macmillan Unit at Christchurch Hospital, aims to provide funding to enhance the care of the specialist palliative care patients who visit for treatment.

Alexandra said: “I already have too many toys and I don’t need more. I’ve visited hospitals and seen people who are not very well, in wheelchairs, and things, and would like to give them money.”

When asked what she would have asked for, if she had been given only one present, she said: “I don’t need anything. Not even a dustpan and brush.”

Around 50 children from Alexandra’s school and Beavers group, as well as brother Archie, four, and 10-month-old baby sister Antonia, joined her for a birthday party held on Sunday.

Dad, Andy, said: “It’s the way Alexandra has always been. She’s just so caring and loving. In fact, she wants to be a doctor, so she can help others.”