A CONSULTANT has urged business owners to ‘kill the time vampires’.

Sue Benoke, pictured, of Smarter Business Consultancy, was speaking at the Newbiz seminar at the Arnewood Academy in New Milton.

Sue, from Barton-on-Sea, runs sessions titled Don’t Count Time – Make Time Count for a wide variety of businesses.

She said: “It is fascinating when you work out how much time businesses lose every single day on non-essential things, and in not separating the ‘urgent’ from the ‘important’. I guarantee to save these businesses at least eight hours every month after they have been to one of my courses.

“People just can’t believe how much time is wasted and can’t wait to put my secret formula into practice.”

She also runs a Mastermind group which aims to set and achieve goals with a different approach from other mentoring and coaching classes.

“The Mastermind groups are not about group coaching, classes run by a trainer or networking specifically, rather they are run by the group members themselves, with me giving them some initial structure and guidance,” she said.

“They set their own goals and targets and monitor, support and then guide each other to achieve those goals.”

She added: “I am passionate about helping people and businesses to minimise their workload and maximise profits.”