WIMBORNE’S Knoll Gardens is soon to re-open after weeks of enforced closure caused by major storm damage.

The garden lost several trees during the horrendous storms on Valentine’s night.

A Monterey Pine and a eucalyptus tree were among the casualties.

High winds snapped the pine in half, but the iconic eucalyptus simply fell over due to the saturated ground.

Knoll’s owner Neil Lucas is now looking forward to the opening of the site on Tuesday.

“It was a huge blow to lose so many trees in such a short time,” he said.

“But in a garden it is hard to stay disappointed for very long.”

Neil is hoping that two of the wind-damaged trees will still be able to feature in the garden.

He plans to work with a local sculptor to create a bee house in the trunk of the pine, whilst the eucalyptus will be trimmed and tidied, leaving a large part of the tree as it fell to see if it will re-grow and that re-growth can then be incorporated into the garden.