THREE ‘selfish and inconsiderate’ university students have been prosecuted for breaching a noise abatement notice.

Bournemouth University students Jamie Chegwin, Tom Giles and James Kirk, of Alma Road, were formally warned about their noisy behaviour last September.

And at Bournemouth Magistrates’ Court on February 5, they admitted breaching this abatement notice late in the evening of October 18, 2013.

All three were given a conditional discharge of 12 months and ordered to pay costs totalling £150.

Winton East councillor Pat Oakley has now warned the council will crack down on other cases of persistent anti-social behaviour, from students or other residents.

He said: “My first reaction is that I am very, very glad that we have been able to put an end to the selfish and inconsiderate behaviour of these students. It is great to know that Winton’s very own enforcement officer, Matt King, has had the full backing from our Town Hall to take these people to court and, hopefully, put an end to the long suffering of their neighbours.

“I am however saddened that three young people have had to be dealt with by the courts to bring an end to their unacceptable behaviour.” He said recent initiatives like the student community warden scheme were working well in Winton and ward councillors were in discussions with the universities about funding additional street cleaning.

“Winton is a zero tolerance zone for anti social behaviour,” he added.

“The vast majority of students who live in Winton are considerate and respectful members of the community. To the few who are not the message is clear, behave or there will be consequences.”

Matt King, the council’s community enforcement team manager, said: “Any people moving into an area with working residents and families must take responsibility for their behaviour and must realise that noise disturbance from music, shouting and other anti-social behaviour can really damage lives.”

Ian Jones, head of regional and community partnerships, Bournemouth University said: “Bournemouth University has been working hard with SUBU – our students' union – and Bournemouth council to make sure our students integrate into the local community.

"We want our students to know they are a valued part of Bournemouth and beyond, but with that comes the responsibility to behave in a respectful way.

“We have run several campaigns with SUBU to help inform our students about the impact of their behaviour on their neighbours and we are also investing in the Student Community Warden Scheme.”


Don't put up with noise

Bournemouth residents suffering noise disturbance should report the matter to Regulatory Services on 01202 451296 during office hours.

Alternatively, call 0800 0281870 – if the disturbance is occurring outside of office hours. Officers from Regulatory Services work up to five nights a week to respond to reports of noise disturbance and can often resolve the matter through engagement or enforcement at the time of a visit.