A REVELLER was left needing hospital treatment after a party got out of hand in Bournemouth town centre on Saturday night.

As reported on the Daily Echo’s website late on Saturday, multiple police units were called to Bourne Avenue.

Shocked witnesses, who said the party attracted around 100 teenagers, reported seeing up to a dozen vans and police cars at the height of the incident.

Paramedics were also called to the scene after one person was injured when fighting broke out, onlookers said.

One witness, who asked not to be named, said: “I would say there was about 50 or 60 teenagers on the street and they were heading to the entrance to the apartments upstairs.

“It looked like someone was having a flat party. Once this group dispersed another group, around 50 people, arrived and they started crowding across the road as well.

“People were saying it was a party that might have been put on Facebook or something, as lots of people were turning up.

“I would say at least 100 people were there at one point, mostly teenagers.

“We spoke to one of the people in the party and apparently someone started a fight and a bottle was smashed on someone’s head. That is when the police became involved.”

A police spokesman said that officers received around 20 ‘999’ calls at around 9.50pm to the scene at Bourne Court, where a fight had apparently broken out and had spilled into the street.

Weapons were reported as being used, but police said none were seen by officers.

Early yesterday morning, police said that one person had been taken to hospital as a result of being assaulted, but their injuries did not appear to be serious.

Town centre ward member, Cllr David Smith, of Bournemouth Borough Council, left, said: “Obviously, I do not like to hear about incidents like this as the safety of everyone in our town centre is of paramount importance. The police do a demanding job and seem to have handled this incident well.”

A 17-year-old male was arrested on suspicion of assault.