A POPULAR young music producer described as a ‘happy and lovely boy’ by his family died as a result of an overdose of a prescription drug, an inquest has confirmed.

A post-mortem examination found Tyler Garrett had 112 times the normal therapeutic dose of painkiller Oxycodone in his blood, before he died at his flat in Bournemouth on December 13 last year. He was 21 years old.

The inquest was told by friends, family and a psychiatrist that Mr Garrett had been struggling with drug problems for a number of years in the build up to his death, but Coroner Sheriff Payne said there was no evidence he had taken the excess medication to deliberately end his own life.

The court was told Mr Garrett had a history of accidental overdose. Coroner Payne added: “He has died as a consequence of abuse of drugs. He was clearly a long-term drug user and this time he came to grief.”

On the night before he died Mr Garrett had spent the evening in his home with a group of friends talking and drinking.

Friends Grace Tierney-Baker and Terence Colman stayed the night with him in his flat, and the next day Ms Tierney-Baker found he had passed away in bed.

Ms Tierney-Baker said Mr Garrett had appeared happy on the previous evening but had taken approximately five Oxycodone tablets and appeared ‘spaced out’.

“He was happy, full of love and hugging everybody,” she added.

“He was sat down at his laptop making music. That is what he did.”

His mother, Sheridan Cole acknowledged Mr Garrett had had problems with drugs but said she thought he had turned a corner.

“He was enjoying making his music again and had a big group of friends around him. He seemed happy and was making plans for the future.”

Speaking after the inquest, his father Andy Garrett said: “Tyler was just a good happy lad. He was very much loved and had lovely friends and family.”