YEAR 6 pupil Eva Jackson, 10, a member of the school parliament, said: “There is a variety of different activities to do and clubs to join and I like the parliament because we can take part in making the school a better place.”

ABBEY Puncher, 10, is in Year 6 and is a parliament member. She said: “I really like the new reward system because you earn “well dones” and when you get 10 you can use them to buy things as treats.”

HOUSE Captain Jack Brooke, aged 10, said: “I like that the children all get to have a part in things. We have jobs in Year 6 and get to help out with the running of the school. There have been changes to ‘golden time’ which have made it better.”

JOSH Cornish, a house captain, aged 10, said: “I have always liked this school but I think there have been big improvements. I enjoy that most people get to have a job when they are in Year 6.”

YEAR 6 teacher Nick Fulker is in his second year at the school. He said: “I like working here with a very friendly bunch of children and teachers. Everyone works hard and we are all pulling in the same direction.”

ASSISTANT head Katy Lambon said: “This is my 12th year here and I have always found it to be a very caring and nurturing school. We have a very dedicated staff, supportive parents and wonderful children. I have been very happy here.”