A BOURNEMOUTH man accused of murdering a father last summer later dressed in women’s clothes in an attempt to cover up the fact he had been in a fight with him, a court heard.

Damon Wright, 32, of no fixed abode, told police that he went to call for help for Kevin Wyeth dressed in a woman’s anorak and tied a blouse around his legs to make it look like he was wearing a skirt.

Winchester Crown Court heard the scaffolder admitted during interviews with police that he had been in a fight with the ex-partner of his girlfriend and used the disguise to hide the fact he had been involved.

Wright, who denies murdering Saints groundsman Mr Wyeth, of Southampton, told officers that he had left him unconscious in an alleyway in Woolston and started to become worried when time had passed and he had not woken up.

The jury heard how Wright wore the disguise as he left Highlands House where his girlfriend, Samantha Slater lived.

He then used a phone box to call a taxi to the alleyway between Defender Road and Tankerville Road, where he had left Mr Wyeth, in the hope they would find him, the court heard. The trial continues.