MORE victims of phone fraudsters have come forward after a police appeal appeared in the Daily Echo.

Last week, detectives investigating a spate of incidents issued a warning through the newspaper – and at least 11 victims of similar crimes have since stepped forward.

In the original appeal, four phone bank scams were reported to Dorset Police which involved the victim receiving a phone call from a person posing as a police officer.

The victim is informed of a possible fraudulent transaction going out of their bank account and is advised to call the bank to report it.

The scammers then hold the phone line open by not hanging up at their end. When the victim then phones the bank, they are still connected to the fraudster and divulge bank details to them.

In the last few days, further similar crimes have been reported across the county, in particular in Bournemouth, Dorchester and Weymouth.

Dorset Police are now warning all members of the public to take care and be vigilant, and have urged anyone asked for their bank details not to reveal these over the phone in any situation.

Witnesses and anyone with information should call Dorset Police on 101, quoting crime number C:14:X:10883.