“HE WAS evil and I’ll never talk to him again.”

Those were the words of anguished mum Annette Gibbs the day after she saw her son Stephen Gibbs kill Rodger Tett by stamping on his head and slamming it in a door.

She told the Daily Echo: “He had a line of drugs and he had vodka and he goes evil on vodka.

“I was shouting stop, stop, please stop but he wouldn’t stop.

“His mind had gone.”

Mrs Gibbs, who uses a wheelchair, testified against her son in court, but insisted he had been acting in self defence after he was attacked by Mr Tett.

The two men fell out at the victim’s home with fiancée Kim Trevillion in Luckham Road, Bournemouth, on September 7 last year after a day of drinking.

The 42-year-old lost his temper after Gibbs called a drug dealer to the house and snorted three lines of cocaine of the dining room table.

Mr Tett and his killer grappled in the hallway of the house before Gibbs viciously stamped twice on his head.

Mrs Gibbs said: “My son went too far.

“He punched Rodger to the ground and kept stamping on his head, going bang, bang, bang. Then he was banging the door against his head.

“But it was in self defence. It was hard to watch.

“He did not mean to murder Rodger.”

Annette said she could not get her son to stop. She added: “I could not believe what my son did and I’ll never speak to him again.

“He was a mad man. He stomped on his head and it was really hard. It wasn't my son that day.

“He’s evil to do something like that.”