THERE is no doubt that Karen Greene is relishing her new role as Broadstone Methodist Church's first children and young families worker.

“It's a challenge – I'm up for it,” said the former youth and young adult pastor from Pennsylvania, USA.

After two months on the job, Mrs Greene has been busy thinking up new ways to to reach younger people in the parish.

“My job is to try to find out what the needs of families in the area are and how the church and the gospel can be made relevant to the younger generation,” she said.

“We are very limited in what we have to work with but I see it as an opportunity.

“I’m not intimidated by what needs to be done here.”

She is the first person to take up the role after the church received funding for a new children’s worker.

She said: “Broadstone Methodist Church secured three years’ funding for someone to work with children and young people.

“I saw an advert in the newspaper and thought I would just go for it. Since I started I’ve been holding assemblies in schools.

“It’s about getting out and meeting children and getting them to have some fun.”

She added: “We’re also looking at ways we can engage with the parents and things that can help young families develop their faith.”

The mother-of-two moved to the UK five years ago with her husband Colin, who is an Anglican minister.

They met while she was studying for an MA in theology at Seattle University, where her husband worked as a professor.

Having lived in Marnhull for the past two years, Mrs Greene said she feels right at home in Dorset.

“When we first moved to the UK we lived up in Northampton,” she said.

“I Googled where is the sunniest place to live in England and it said down here. I said to my husband this is where we need to go.”

Broadstone Methodist Church is currently sending out questionnaires, asking local people about how the church could support them.

To find out more about the church and its work with families or to get in touch with Karen, go to broadstone