A CHARITY is appealing for donations to help a Christchurch youngster with complex disabilities.

The Newlife Foundation is asking donors and fundraisers to help raise money for seven-year-old Patrick Conyard, who has Cerebral Palsy, Idiopathetic Encephalopathy and severe Global Developmental Delay.

The appeal comes just days after a story in the Daily Echo about a slimathon in Burton to raise money to help Patrick.

When he is at home he has to sit in a bean bag for comfort, but this doesn’t adequately support his hips and spine or keep him secure.

The youngster is in need of specialist seating – but local statutory services don’t have the necessary £2,699 funding.

So his parents have turned to the children’s disability charity, who have previously helped the family with a sleep system, for help.

Patrick’s mum, Gemma Conyard, said: “He has outgrown his previous comfortable seating and as he has grown his needs have changed so that he now needs very specialist support.

“Patrick is developing a hip problem and this seating will help prevent surgery.

“He has a functional chair at home for meal times, but since he has recently had a feeding tube fitted he will need to spend more time in a relaxed position and at the moment the only thing we have is a beanbag.

“It is pretty much the only option if we want him in the lounge with the rest of the family.

“Patrick has an eight-month-old sister and it is all I can do to stop her from climbing all over him. A specialist seat will get him further off the floor and reduce the risk of her dislodging his feeding tube.”

Patrick also has seizures which are not well-controlled, despite medication and needs 24-hour postural support for his hips.

To donate or raise money contact 0800 988 4640.