SIX children were among a total of 441 people caught not wearing seatbelts while in moving vehicles in Hampshire last week.

The initiative, part of a European crackdown, saw officers getting tough with those who don’t wear seatbelts when they should.

Those who were caught faced fines of up to £500, and awareness courses were also offered as an alternative.

A further 61 offences were also detected by officers, from using a mobile phone while driving to defective tyres and no insurance.

Hampshire road safety officer, Sergeant Rob Heard, said: “The devastating injuries or possible fatal injuries you can receive from not wearing a seat belt really should encourage everyone to belt up.

“It is just not worth risking your life and the heartache your family will feel from your loss.”

He added: “Forgetting to wear the belt is the biggest excuse we found.

“We have had some interesting excuses though as well. One man told us he did not want to ruin his tan.

“Due to the recent sunny weather he had caught a tan to his chest and felt the belt would wear some of the tan away.”