DESIGNERS of the future put their thinking caps on to take part in the Rotary Technology Tournament.

Around 90 secondary school pupils took part in the fourth annual event in Poole with more than 100 involved in Bournemouth’s first contest.

Pupils from Poole gathered at Corfe Hills School and were put into teams of four.

In Bournemouth the competition took place at the Bournemouth Collegiate School.

At each event the students were given the task of designing a machine to lift a meteorite and put it to safety.

They were given time to read the task description sheet and given materials before setting to work on construction.

Judging then took place before the winners were announced.

The aim of the national event is to promote technology and encourage teenagers to consider pursuing it as a career.

In Poole, the winners of the advanced task were a team from Bournemouth and Poole College and St Edwards, the intermediate winners were St Aldhelm’s and Canford School and the basic winners were Lytchett Minster and Parkstone Grammar.

The Bournemouth advanced level winners were Bournemouth School with Twynham in second and BSG third.

The intermediate competition was won by Harewood College with Winton second and Highcliffe third and the foundation level winners were Bournemouth Collegiate School with second place shared between Bournemouth School for Girls and a second Bournemouth Collegiate School team.