ELEVEN new beach huts were snapped up in less than two working days despite fears they could be damaged in severe weather in the future.

With a price tag of £24,000 each, the huts at Gundimore Beach, near Mudeford Quay, sold out quicker than expected.

“The beach huts have obviously proved to be a very desirable property in a unique location between Mudeford Quay and Avon Beach” said Neil Farmer, Strategic Director at Christchurch council.

“We thought that there would be interest in the huts but couldn’t have guessed that they would go so quickly.”

He said the council decided to build the huts although others in the area had been damaged in the storms.

“Given that the damage to huts at Avon Beach was very localised and was caused by such unprecedented and extreme conditions, the council decided to go ahead.”

The huts have direct access to the beach and have been positioned in front of a sea wall, just yards from the site of recent severe storm damage.

Their location was branded “ludicrous” by Highcliffe resident Bob Hutchings, who owns a lodge at nearby Sandhills caravan park.

He said: “Had they built them a month ago, they wouldn’t be there now. Putting beach huts nearer the sea just beggars belief.”

Building the huts is believed to have cost the council £25,000 but they will make a profit of around £200,000 to finance future schemes.

The council will also charge annual licence fees of £617 per beach hut.