A RARE seabird that has been nursed back to health by an animal rescue centre in Bournemouth has been released back into the wild from Brownsea Island.

Battered and exhausted by the recent storms, the Glaucous Gull, which is usually found in Iceland, crash landed into a shopping centre in Portsmouth last month.

After being rescued by the RSPCA the large gull was taken to Wildlife in Need, a rescue centre for injured birds and animals based in Parkstone, to build up its strength before being released on Friday.

Lynne Parker, from Wildlife in Need, said: “He came in with a bruised wing but he picked up and started eating straight away.

She added: “It was nice to see him released but you always worry. It’s an awful long way for him to get home.”

Over the past few months the centre has taken in a range of seabirds injured during the storms including a puffin, a kittiwake, razorbills and guillemots.