THE man accused of killing Rodger Tett had drunk ‘four cans of beer and almost a pint of vodka’ on the day of the alleged murder, a court heard.

Stephen Gibbs, who also admitted that he had “possibly” snorted up to three lines of cocaine seconds before the brawl with Mr Tett, said it had been at least two months since he’d had a drink prior to September 7 last year.

The 34-year-old, who denies the murder charge, is alleged to have stamped on Mr Tett’s head twice after the two fought over Gibbs’ drug use.

Mr Tett died in Southampton General Hospital on September 9 of severe head injuries.

Gibbs, of Maxwell Road, Winton, said some of his memories of the day are “vague”, and wept as he told the jury he had been “devastated” to learn of the death.

The men had spent the afternoon at the home of Mr Tett and his fiancée in Luckham Road, Bournemouth, before the 42-year-old father allegedly lashed out at Gibbs.

The defendant confirmed he bought a gram of cocaine from a drug dealer who visited the house, and chopped up three lines on the dining room table.

He said: “I remember being stood with my back against the lounge door.

“Rodger was about four or five feet in front of me. I just saw his body movement coming at me quite fast as he lunged at me.”

He added: “His hands made contact with my neck, my shoulder and my face.” Gibbs said Mr Tett punched him “once or twice” before the men fell into the hallway. I was frightened he might punch me again,” he said.

“I believe there was some grappling or grabbing on the floor. I’m not sure if there were any punches thrown. I cannot honestly remember.”

He said he “couldn’t say” if he had kicked Mr Tett, and that he didn’t remember climbing over him to get to the front door before he left.

The trial at Winchester Crown Court continues.