YOU don’t get many chances to pick up a 46-year-old car that is in as-new condition.

But this 1968 Triumph Herald is just that, with a mere 93 miles on the clock – only two a year.

Harking back to the nostalgic Heartbeat era, the 1200 model is a real collectors’ item, in the condition in which it rolled out of the factory all those years ago.

One of the later models of the Herald series, with the largest engine capacity that was fitted to the car, it has white rubber bumpers, a wood laminate dashboard and improved seating over the earlier examples.

The sales team at Car-Link, based at Iford, think that it is the lowest-mileage Herald anywhere.

Director John Hall said: “The previous owner bought it for his daughter’s birthday, but unfortunately she passed away before she could use the car.

“Alan Fisher (a fellow director of the business) found it a few years ago and bought it.

“It’s a genuine museum piece and is, as far as we know, the only one of its kind in existence.

“It’s in almost as-new condition. It drives perfectly.”

The man who bought the car couldn’t bear to part with it and it was kept in his garage until he passed away. The garage has been unable to trace the family.

The Herald first went on sale in 1959 and was offered in saloon, convertible, coupe, van and estate variants. In all, sales numbered more than 500,000.

The F-plated Triumph is for sale at Car-Link for £15,995.