A CONCERNED resident has called for action over what he calls the “sudden demise” of part of Bournemouth.

Nigel Gillespie said that the area around Holdenhurst Road, Cleveland Road and Asda in Springbourne had become subject to drug dealing, drinking, begging and anti-social behaviour.

He says that it happens seven days a week and he has even warned an elderly relative not to use Cleveland Walk.

Nigel added: “In the alley of Cleveland Walk I have seen males loitering around and beer tins lay on the walkway.

“I have even seen one male in a doorway, injecting drugs.

“Outside Tesco in Holdenhurst Road is a cash point and beggars can be seen there.

“I already suspect that there are numerous drug dealers operating in the road and I am convinced a consignment of drugs was transferred from the Holdenhurst Road side to the Ascham Road side.

“Beneath the bridge in Ophir Gardens seems to be a location in which deals are done.

“Every time I walk over the bridge I always look over and see drug paraphernalia.

“I am of the opinion that one day I will find a dead body.”

He said that he often called the police, but usually by the time they arrived there was no trace to be found of illegal activity.

Nigel has raised his concerns with police and councillors for the area.

Cllr David Kelsey, pictured left, one of the area’s representatives on Bournemouth Borough Council, said: “If I’m frank about it, it has got worse.

“When you clear one area you move them onto another area. The police are aware and have done a few raids in the area with a bit of success and we’re trying to keep an eye on it.

“We’re monitoring it as much as we can and we rely on people like Nigel to let us know what’s going on and we try to act on it.

“It would be great if we had more resources to do things, but the police haven’t got any more manpower.”