A DOG OWNER has spoken out after one of his dogs was poisoned after eating palm oil on a beach.

Andrew Doran, 52, was walking Tibetan terriers, Izzy and Yogi, both six, and Lillie, three, on Avon Beach, Christchurch, on Monday morning when Izzy started eating a small pebble-like item she found in the shingle and sand.

When Andrew went over to find out what Izzy had picked up, he said that he drew the link to news pieces and social media posts on palm oil, which washes up on beaches and poisons animals.

He said: “I thought that it could be palm oil, so I took Izzy and the pebble-like piece to the vets, who confirmed my suspicions and then gave the dog something to make her sick.”

Andrew then left the vets to head to work, but found that Izzy had been sick once again along the journey.

His wife, Kim, also 52, took Izzy to the nearest vets, where they put her on a drip and antibiotics, and she has since been steadily improving.

“We have lived in this area for the last 15 years and have walked on that beach daily.

“However, there are no posters or warnings to dog owners about potential palm oil on the beach, so people are not aware that it could be there.”

Steve Trewhella, conservationist and marine photographer, said: “All the recent storms have done is wash up these different oils from out at sea. If there are harmful substances such as these on the beach, I think there should be notices put up by the local council which warn owners to keep their dogs on a lead.

“These are pollution incidents and they are harmful. If it can make a dog ill, it’s got to do the same to other animals and even humans.”

Staff investigate beaches

A spokesperson for Christchurch Borough Council confirmed that they had received one report of a dog becoming ill after reportedly eating palm oil.

He added: “We have staff investigating the beaches on a daily basis, as we are aware of debris being washed onto the beach.

“We are not aware of any confirmed reports of palm oil on Avon beach.”