FURIOUS residents in Wallisdown said a meeting with the council to discuss congested parking on their street, which they claim has delayed ambulances and made crossing the road dangerous, turned into a ‘shambles’.

The meeting was called by Cllr Susan Phillips after people living in Riggs Gardens became unhappy that employees from businesses in the area were parking outside their homes en masse in the narrow cul-de-sac.

The residents want a parking permit scheme and between 30 and 40 turned up to the meeting with the councillor, but were left irate that the highways officer scheduled to appear failed to show up.

Annelies Palmer, who has lived in the road for seven years, said the meeting was ‘chaotic’, with people shouting over each other, and was left disappointed the issue remains unresolved.

“I cross the road every day with my nine-year-old daughter and the parked cars have made it so dangerous. Something has to be done. We have had problems with our rubbish collections and buses on Canford Avenue struggle to get by,” she added.

The residents said the problem has become significantly worse in the last 18 months since Wireless Data Solutions (WDS), which is based in nearby Discovery Court on Wallisdown Road, increased their staffing levels and think their employees have been advised to park in their road.

Diane Saunders, 69, who has lived on the road for 37 years and requires the use of a wheelchair, said: “I often need an ambulance and it can be difficult for them to get down the road.”

John Dyer, a resident on the road for 30 years, said: “These people parking on our road have no consideration and just don’t seem to care.”

Cllr Phillips insisted the meeting was not chaotic and is eager to help the residents affected by the parking situation by scheduling another meeting with the police, council officers and representatives of WDS.

She added: “I was happy to pick this issue up and called the meeting in order to hear from the residents directly. About 30 to 40 residents attended and everybody had a chance to air their views.”

A spokesman for WDS, said: “We encourage our employees to park legally and considerately and we are always happy to work with the local council to understand local community concerns.”