A MAN accused of murder bought vodka and a scratch card after allegedly battering Bournemouth father Rodger Tett to death, a court has heard.

Mr Tett died after a door was slammed against his head while he lay unconscious in the hallway of his home, prosecution barrister Kerry Maylin said.

The cause of death was due to severe head injuries which were allegedly caused by Stephen Gibbs after an afternoon lunch gathering.

Mr Tett had been drinking at his home in Luckham Road with fiancée Kim Trevillion, neighbour Annette Gibbs, and her son, 33-year-old Gibbs, on September 7 last year.

Ms Maylin said the defendant had turned on Mr Tett, who he had met for the first time earlier that day, after buying cocaine and snorting it in his home.

"Rodger Tett was angry with Gibbs and demanded he leave because he didn't want a drug dealer in his home and he didn't want Gibbs using drugs there," she said.

Ms Maylin said Gibbs's mother Annette told the police the defendant turned on Mr Tett "like an animal", punching the 42-year-old until he fell to the floor.

The prosecutor said Mrs Gibbs, a wheelchair user, told the police: "When he [Mr Tett] was on the floor, Stephen was punching him in the head and face", adding: "He kicked his head and stamped on him".

Ms Maylin said: "We will say that Gibbs also pulled the front door on his head on at least two occasions."

However, Gibbs told the police during an interview that he had been acting in self-defence after being involved in a fight with Mr Tett.

After the alleged incident, he went to his cousin David Walker's home in Bournemouth after sending a series of text messages begging for help, the hearing was told.

Mr Walker received messages at 6.29pm, 6.36pm, 6.38pm and 6.45pm, which read: "Help", and "I'm in trouble", the court heard.

Gibbs told Mr Walker he had been in a fight before asking him for a "roll-up [cigarette] and a can of beer", which Mr Walker dropped down from his balcony as he didn't want the defendant to come in, the hearing was told.

Mr Walker said he then saw Gibbs walking towards a local shop before getting in a taxi.

Gibbs, of Maxwell Road, Winton, has denied a single charge of murder.

The trial at Winchester Crown Court continues.