A BOURNEMOUTH teen and her pet are top dogs at a national competition that draws in the best trainers from around the country.

Jodie Forbes and her dog, Bramble, won both of their Youth Kennel Club categories at Crufts this year.

The 17-year-old, who is a member of the Purbeck Agility Group, was competing with the border terrier in freestyle for the first time ever, and the pair were placed first in the Heelwork to Music category.

Jodie also took the trophy for Under 18s Groomer of the Year.

Mum Lisa said: “We’re absolutely chuffed to bits for her.

“She’s done so well and they’re a fantastic team together.”

The bond between Jodie and Bramble was forged on the night the three-year-old pup was born.

Lisa said: “Jodie helped to deliver Bramble, and even though she’s actually her sister Madeline’s dog, they work very well together.

“It’s lovely to see them doing so well.”

After her freestyle win, a thrilled Jodie took to Facebook to say: “I am in shock!

“Bramble came 1st in Freestyle! I love her so, so much – she did everything perfectly and had fun the whole time! What a ridiculously amazing couple of days!”

The Bournemouth Grammar School for Girls’ student said: “I’m really happy that we won.

“Everyone says that border terriers are impossible to train, so winning means that we can prove people wrong.”

Jodie said she was “shocked” to learn she had won both categories.

“I really thought I’d come fourth or fifth, so to hear I was in first place was amazing – it was so unbelievable,” she said.

The duo performed to Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny), and a video of their work is now online at facebook.com/purbeckdogdancing