AN INITIATIVE aiming to increase the use and supply of sustainably-sourced UK timber has linked with woodland in Dorset.

More than 50 hectares of land at Cranborne Estate has been ‘partnered’ with Grown in Britain, launched in 2013.

Those behind the project have now said that the move marks a major milestone in the scheme, and comes about as a result of voluntary carbon mitigation funding provided by Weston-super-Mare based fuel distributor, BWOC.

Chief executive Dougal Driver said: “Grown in Britain continues to gain momentum in the UK, and we’re delighted to be launching the initiative’s first ever partner woodland at Cranborne. Demand for high quality timber continues to increase and we’re seeing more and more big brands – and their customers – trying to source wood products from suppliers based in the UK.”

Around 123,000 native and coniferous trees have been planted at the estate, and will be managed to encourage biodiversity and provide a source of high quality home-grown timber.

Timber harvested at Cranborne for use in UK markets will support ongoing management of the woodland while highlighting its dual value as an environmental and economic asset.