SCHOOL nurse Ceri McGregor has swapped her duties in Bournemouth for the African continent, to work with vulnerable children in Kenya.

Talbot Heath nurse Ceri is currently working in and around the capital Nairobi with a long standing organisation called New Life Homes Trust.

Their main aim is to rescue and care for abandoned babies and children, whilst trying to organise adoption with families in Kenya or overseas. Mrs McGregor is accompanied on the three-week trip by her husband, who is providing valuable building skills, and their two sons aged 10 and eight.

The school community have been busy fundraising for the visit with cake sales and donations.

The McGregor family have taken out a large selection of goods, including 80 reusable nappies for the babies from the nappy retailer Fill Your Pants.

Before she left, Ceri said she hoped the trip would allow her sons to see how other children live in conditions very different to their own.

She added: “I hope for all of us as a family it will be a life changing experience and one that we can share with all the people who have supported us and the organisation along the way.”