PARENT Tracy Diffey has a son in Year 6 and helps out at the school several times a week. She said: “All the staff are very friendly and the children are happy here. I feel I am welcomed at the school and it is a very friendly place – my son is getting on very well.”

HEIDI Nye, who has a daughter in Year 5, said: “I help in class and also with netball and swimming. My daughter is doing amazingly well and gets all the support she needs here. The staff are great and she idolises her teachers.”

TEN-year-old Marnie Dennis is in Year 5. She said: “I like our school because I think it is a lot of fun. The lessons are interesting and we learn a lot. My favourite subject is maths and my friends and I like doing tests.”

CALLUM Brown, seven, is in Year 3. He said: “I have lots of friends and I like playing with them at school. My favourite lesson is maths and I enjoy all the sport at school. I belong to the football club and the running club.”

DEPUTY headteacher Sue Jones has been at the school for 14 years. She said: “I think it is a fantastic school, which is why I have been here for so long. The school has a great community feel and gets involved with things such as the Kinson Christmas Market.”