MONKEY World staff have thanked everyone who took part in their ‘Kid for a Quid’ initiative.

The primate rescue centre, near Wool, ran the programme during half term. Any child bringing along a ‘present’ for the monkeys and apes was given entry to the park for £1.

Presents requested were pairs of socks, chewable Vitamin C tablets or packets of dried fruit.

A Monkey World spokesman said: “We would like to thank all the visitors who came along and brought donations for the primates. Especially those who persevered with stormy weather and still had a great time on the rainiest days.”

The socks are stuffed with treats, tied up and hung in enclosures, so the monkeys have to find a way to get the goodies inside, said the spokesman.

She added: “Chewable Vitamin C tablets are given to the primates to supplement their diet, particularly in the winter months when they can help to keep colds at bay.

“And all the primates just love dried fruit. Small dried fruit pieces are used in scatter feeds, so that monkeys and apes have to hunt to find them, keeping them stimulated and offering a good source of nutrients to keep them healthy.”