BOURNEMOUTH businessman Richard Carr appeared in court yesterday morning facing 41 charges of fraud, theft and dishonesty.

Carr, 55, of Lagoon Road, Poole, was joined in the dock at Bournemouth Magistrates Court by Dene Norman Burgess, 56, and Susan Burgess, 51, both of Banks Road, Poole, and James Beedham, 38, of Bridle Crescent, Bournemouth.

Between them, and with a fifth defendant who was not present - 47-year-old Adrian Price of Alington Road, Poole - they face a combined total of 75 charges alleging mortgage fraud, theft of corporate funds, concealment of bankruptcy assets and breaches of a Bankruptcy Restrictions Undertaking involving the operation of nightclubs and other businesses.

Prosecuting on behalf of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, Rebecca Chalkley said: “There are a number of charges here, a mixture, but all five defendants are linked and can be dealt with together.

“This is a prosecution by BIS which relates to 75 charges across five defendants.

“A block of the alleged offending relates to breaches of insolvency legislation, Mr Carr's insolvency.”

She said the charges included three counts of using false documents to obtain a mortgage, and obtaining an advance in relation to a mortgage purchase by deception.

She also noted two allegations of theft, the first of just under £100,000 by bank transfer, the second of just under £150,000 cash, from Future 3000 plc, which operated local bars and clubs Dundees, Mint, Wiggle, Bliss, Toko, Jimmys, Bent and Crank.

“The offences centre around Mr Carr's business interests as a property developer and night club and bar owner,” she claimed.

“His co-defendants assisted him in the mortgage frauds,” she added.

No pleas were entered and the case was adjourned until March 24, with all four defendants released on bail to appear at Bournemouth Crown Court, on condition that they surrender their passports.

However the prosecutor indicated that the case might be heard at a different court.

Financially complex

THE prosecutor described the case as “complex financially” with “diverse offences”.

Carr faces 41 charges, of which 20 concern being involved in the formation, promotion or management of a company while bankrupt.

Other charges include concealing a power boat, the 'Honey Party', and several gold watches from the receiver of his estate.

Dene Burgess, Carr and Price are jointly accused of obtaining an advance of £860,000 on a mortgage from the Bank of Scotland by deception, while Beedham faces 19 counts of aiding Richard Carr in the formation, promotion or management of a business while the latter was bankrupt.

Susan Burgess and Carr are jointly charged with three counts of making a false instrument, and two of obtaining a money transfer by deception, among other offences.