A HABITUAL thief who appeared before magistrates every day last week has been sent behind bars.

Winston Clifford May, 48, swore at the court room as he was taken down to the cells after being surprised by the magistrate’s sentence.

The court heard how the homeless man had left court the previous day, after being fined for a theft charge and immediately went to a store in Bournemouth and stole a pair of trousers.

On the five other days he appeared for various other petty theft charges and issued with a fine or his time served in custody was deemed as the sentence.

Magistrates were stunned at the week of appearances and said: “Mr May has habitually offended - he has totally ignored previous rulings and left court yesterday having been given a fine and committed another offence.”

May pleaded guilty to the theft charge and his defence solicitor Mark Price said he stole the trousers out of necessity because he had nothing to wear.

He added that May sleeps at friends’ houses and eats primarily in soup kitchens around Bournemouth.

Speaking directly to the offender the head magistrate said: “Mr May you are coming back and back and back into courts.

“You are a habitual offender and this court does not accept it anymore.”

May was sent to prison for 28 days.