A MAN smeared the words ‘pigs’ and ‘racist’ across a cell wall in his own excrement after being arrested.

Marlon Windett, 32, called the police himself on January 30 because his partner was going “beserk”. But, when officers arrived, they arrested him and took him to the custody suite in Madeira Road, Bournemouth. He was confined to the cell for around two hours before police monitoring CCTV footage noticed what he was doing.

Prosecuting, Nicola Reece said: “He had graffitied the walls because he felt he had been mistreated by officers.”

But Keith O’Neill, defending, said: “He had done nothing wrong and was shocked to be arrested. He thought it was because he has a criminal record and also because of some racial issues.”

He said Windett, who is of no fixed abode, was “roughed up” on his way to the police station before being made to wait for 12 hours in the cell. Windett, who has previous convictions for offences including breach of an anti-social behavioural order, possession of a blade and common assault, pleaded guilty to a single charge of criminal damage at Bournemouth Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

He was ordered to pay £52.50 for the damage caused.