A BOURNEMOUTH children’s author has launched a free online service to alert bookworms to all the latest e-book deals.

Shalini Boland, pictured, has created ebooksoda.com, which provides readers with a recommended e-book every day.

Those registering with the free service simply select the type of books they like to read and the e-reader they use and then receive an email every day, alerting them to a suitable e-book that is available for free or at a reduced price.

Mother-of-two Shalini, of Queens Park, said: “It can be expensive buying books, while libraries are great but you can’t always get the sort of books you want.

“This is convenient because it’s at home and all the hard work is done for you.

It’s great if you’re a vora-|cious reader because you get a |different recommendation every day.

“If you’re on holiday for |example, it’s brilliant because you can lie on a beach and |get another book instantly.

And it’s good if you haven’t |got a lot of money because |you can get a book for free every day.”

Shalini, a popular teenage |fiction writer who has just |finished the ‘Outside’ series set in Bournemouth, finds out |about many deals direct from authors and publishers.

The eventual hope is that publishers will pay a nominal fee for each book that she promotes.