I am devastated; devastated, I tell you, that Miranda Hart, she of the Joke Shop (Radio 4, Radio 4, keep up), the tiny friend Stevie, the mother from hell and the fabilosibisibos telly series has not agreed to do an interview with me for this piece.

Oh Miranda, how could you? I thought I was going to be your New Best Friend; my student son spent £9.99 on your book for my Christmas present last year (no pressure) and I’ve driven my family and my other son’s girlfriend mad by joining in with the singy bits and laughing at your show until I dribble.

I thought we could talk about dishy Gary, as he very much is, how you earn your living if no one actually ever buys anything in your shop and our mutual hatred of savoury muffins because ‘Life is full enough of disappointments’, as you so appositely point out.

Except, of course, that we can’t. Firstly because you aren’t available for interview. (Maracas? Comic Relief?) And secondly because that Miranda, the self-styled ‘one-woman Fiesta’ is actually a persona, like the Pub Landlord or, um, other people who are a persona.

So what can you, the real Miranda Hart, say to me and all the Daily Echo readers who are desperate to know what they’ll get when you step or – preferably – do one of your glorious pratfalls, onto the stage at the BIC all next weekend?

“Audiences will recognise some of the themes from the sitcom. It will be a continuation of that. I’ll also be telling some life anecdotes that people haven’t heard yet. I will be examining universal social embarrassment and general life conundra – that sounds like a geography term like tundra, doesn’t it? It must be my Geography A-Level coming back!”

At this point I should probably thank Miranda’s management (or maybe it was Stevie) for sending me the interview she did for fans, explaining the thinking behind this tour. “It sounds naff, but I can’t wait to be in the room with the people who’ve supported me over the last few years. I want to say thank you by doing a live show for them. On this tour, anything goes.

Why did you want to go on tour now?

“I was thinking, “Should I do a tour?” Then I said to myself, “Of course I should. I would always regret it if I didn’t do a tour.”

So I took a deep breath and went for it. On the back of the third series of Miranda, it’s absolutely the right time to do it.”

Were you nervous about doing live comedy again?

“Yes, I was at first because my last one-woman show was in 2005. But I started doing secret warm-up gigs, and luckily they have been going really well. After the third gig, it felt like it was the hundredth, and I felt really comfortable on stage.”

But do you enjoy audience interaction?

“Absolutely. I love chatting to people and having that connection with them. I want the show to be very theatrical, so that when people leave, they say, “I watched something unique tonight. I can’t believe I saw that!”

Will you be delivering a lot of people’s favourite routines from the sitcom?

“If people are making an effort to come and see you, you should give them something brand-new. Equally, they would be disappointed if I didn’t say, “Such fun”. People are always coming up and asking me to say that.”

What else do people say to you in the street?

“They often ask me to say, “I’m going to sashay to the sachets” and “moist plinth.” The other day a five-year-old girl came up to me, stared at me and then said, “Clutch.” I thought she was mad. It was a really unnerving moment, I won’t lie. Then her mother told me, “She does that all the time.” I said that word once on the sitcom, and it’s become a catchphrase for that little girl. So once I realised she was not certifiable, I was delighted. And she’s right – “clutch” is a brilliant word! Another word that I can’t believe I haven’t put in the sitcom yet is “plume”. That’s a word that keeps on giving!”

There is more of this in similar vein, but I am sure that by now you get the picture.

Which is that Miranda has prepared what she would call a knockout show, which will be Such Fun. And I will forgive her for anything.

  • Miranda is at the BIC on Friday, Saturday and Sunday