EAST Dorset residents have been signing up to the Community Speed Watch scheme.

The initiative, which gives locals the opportunity to get involved in road safety, now runs in Alderholt, Holt and Gaunts Common.

Another is currently being set up in Sixpenny Handley.

Speed watch operates in villages, towns or urban areas across Dorset to discourage drivers and motorcyclists from speeding, and the groups are run by volunteers from the area.

Participants use hand-held devices to record and monitor details of motorists seen speeding, and can also note drivers using a mobile phone or not wearing seatbelts. The drivers are then sent a letter by the police.

PCSO Louise Hamilton, of the East Dorset Rural Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “We are delighted that so many residents in rural East Dorset have signed up to the scheme and are keen to hear from anyone else wishing to take part.”

For more information about the scheme, visit Dorset.police.uk or call 101.