EIGHT Borough of Poole staff committed driving offences during 2013 while at the wheel of council vehicles.

The eight staff all received penalty points on their driving licenses for speeding in branded council vehicles between January 2013 and January 2014.

Borough of Poole released the information following an FOI request and it comes after the revelation that a driver of the ‘spy camera’ car was caught speeding in January.

It is also hot on the heels of the distinctive Citroen vehicle being spotted in Poole jumping a red traffic light.

The council revealed that while only two drivers received penalty points for breaking the law from January 2012 to 2013, there were five offenders from January 2011 to 2012.

Of the most recent speeders to get caught and punished, four work for environmental and consumer protection services, two for transportation, one for children and young people’s services and one for adult social care.

The council has taken no sanctions against these drivers who broke the law and has allowed them to continue driving its vehicles. It says it regularly checks staff driving licences and any action is taken in line with its disciplinary policy and insurance company requirements.

Carl Wilcox, head of human resources, Borough of Poole said: “Our officers undertake thousands of journeys a year and these eight offences are a small number in comparison.

“However, we are still disappointed by these figures and as an employer we do not condone such action. We consider each incident on an individual basis before determining the appropriate action to take.”

• Anti-speed camera crusader Ian Belchamber has written to the Chief Constable and the Police and Crime Commissioner about its speed camera operations.

Poole residents have recently pointed out the dangers of Dorset Road Safe camera vans parked at the end of the Tower Park slip road and on a bend of the Fleetsbridge flyover.

He said: “It is inconceivable that these cameras are not causing large numbers of dangerous situations and with current activities it is only a matter of time before there is another serious injury or death with a camera as a factor.”